Running Logitech Media Server in Docker

I recently signed up for Spotify’s 30 day free trial, having such convenient access to so much music was great, but when it came to an end and I was faced with the prospect of paying for my first month I was reminded just how little Spotify actually pays musicians per play. Despite being a software engineer in a very digital age I have always preferred to buy music on a physical artefact on Vinyl or CD. I prefer to have the artefact itself as I find it gives me a different listening experience when compared to digital media, I tend to give the music more time and attention if I sit down and listen to the CD or record vs just bunging some ear phones in and playing some tunes on my phone. Where possible I also prefer to buy from the artist or their label direct to make sure that they are adequately compensated for their work so that they can earn a living and can carry on making the music that I love. Finally having the physical CD also gives me the ability to control how I store the music in my digital library e.g. what software and format I use to rip the physical media.

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